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The Connection Collection©

These are the symbols channelled to me through the Akashic Records as part of the book Seeing, Feeling, Hearing and Being with Spirit (Pegasus Publishing 2020).
These symbols when worn help with the appropriate area of the body. These have NOT been scientifically proven. They have however been worn by people and they have helped a change on many levels. From no pain, to feeling just overall more relaxed.
These are symbols of interplanetary origin to help people on this Earth and to help one another.
Investment: $120, with leather necklace if require silver chain $30extra.
Wear as much as possible with the symbol against the skin. At first it can feel too much with the energy that is adjusting to you and you to it. It may not feel at first much is happening but the energy can calm you down as you both synchronise in together.
Equally invoke the symbol in your meditations or thoughts and this will also help. (You may ask “then why buy one?” Keeping that symbol in your thoughts and setting intentions can be forgotten and after time they weaken. By having a symbol on the body you are able to feel the effects when not trying or not awake.)Ola